Resolving Ecological and Environmental Issues
for over 30 years.

Applied Ecological Solutions Inc. (AES) is a privately-owned environmental consulting company specializing in strategic, scientific, and technical support for environmental issues. AES’s senior consultants have over thirty years experience in assessing and resolving alleged injury to natural resources, particularly wildlife, a broad range of habitats and different media such as soils, sediments and groundwater. We provide appropriate, scaled, cost-effective, timely, and practical solutions. AES has provided innovative solutions to approximately 50 Natural Resource Damage (NRD) cases under both CERCLA and OPA.

Our strategic support services provide a framework which has helped clients to identify and appropriately scale mitigation projects. Increasingly, we are using predictive modeling tools to understand complex, non-linear relationships. Our understanding of these relationships may then be integrated within an options framework and further complemented by decision analysis tools using a risk-based analytical framework; where-in clients are able to realize existing economic and strategic advantages associated with management decisions. These analyses inform options and decisions and lead to the offset of current or future environmental liability and challenges.

AES scientists maintain active ecological research and predictive-modeling and have become adept at identifying surrogate, indicator species or "metrics" to cost-effectively assess or monitor ecological conditions, functionality and service flow. Our services include the ability to critically review ecological or risk studies and provide scientific and/or statistical review of proposed actions.

Wherever possible our aim is to resolve problems using existing data combined with realistic and reasonable assumptions.